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Passionate about social media


nutribe is a new social media marketing agency whose sole purpose is to help your business create a marketing strategy consisting of purposeful branding and strategic use of social media.

Today, social media is the new marketing.  Consumers now have the power and they expect your company to contribute to their well-being and to society in general. Today, marketing is about having a purpose, being useful, relevant, and entertaining. Value is created through the  relationships formed between your company and its community.

We believe that your company can improve people’s lives and make a difference. We’d like to work with you to make it happen. Let’s connect and have a discussion about what we can do together.

Dominic Tremblay


I was among the first online entrepreneurs at a time when the Internet was almost a blank canvas. As CMO, I helped build a multi-million dollar business that began in my basement. I decided to start all over again, because I believe that now is the best time for businesses to make a difference in people’s lives. I founded nutribe, a social media marketing agency because I believe that social media is humanizing businesses and enabling them to have a positive impact on employees, communities, and society in general.

I’m passionate about helping your business achieve its social media and creating an engaging brand for your audience. You’ll be collaborating with:

  • A savvy online entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and online marketing.
  • A digital marketing expert specialized in social media marketing and social media branding.
Photo of Dominic Tremblay, nutribe's CEO
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