Monday Recap – 6 storytelling lessons, 5 stats of SEO and content

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Do you have FOMO? Here’s our weekly recap of the most popular stories about social media and content marketing.

Social Media

5 B2B Brands That Rock Instagram

Via Contently

For business-to-business brands, Instagram poses something of a challenge. Without a recognizable physical product to serve as an anchor, it can be difficult to create a coherent visual identity. And since so much of B2B content marketing revolves around providing industry peers with tips and tricks for succeeding on the job, these brands need to be extremely creative about providing value to users within the limited constraints of a single in-feed photograph.

Fortunately, there are some B2B brands that have been able to use the medium to their advantage, either by using it to give people a glimpse into their internal culture or by coming up with creative ways to show how its products and services make a difference in the real world.

Without further ado, here are five B2B brands killing it on Instagram.

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Content Marketing

6 Storytelling Lessons From the Emmy Nominees for Outstanding Commercial

Via Contently

If you’re in advertising, you probably skipped over the Emmy nominees for “Lead Actor in a Drama” and went straight to “Outstanding Commercial.” This year, six advertisements were nominated, and all of them show an amazing amount of creativity. If you decide to watch them one after the other, you’ll go from laughing to sniffling in a matter of minutes.

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5 Stats That Prove Great Content Is the Key to Great SEO

Via Contently

Why are marketers so motivated to amp up their SEO? Likely because the search game has changed, and they’re in need of some help. While Google has been updating its Panda algorithm to punish keyword stuffers and reward quality content for the past decade, that effort has escalated this past year. Between Google’s recent “Quality Update” and Mobilegeddon, the industry has realized that you need great content if you want to succeed at search.

Here are five stats to prove it.

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Study: Brand Content Drives Massive Brand Lift

Via Contently

There’s little doubt that a company’s brand lift matters—whether you’re a SaaS company like Contently, a CPG brand like Captain Crunch, or a media brand like The New York Times. And despite the fact that it’s much harder to measure than direct revenue, most marketers believe it’s where content provides the most value.

The question for us was: How do we know?

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