Monday Recap: Facebook Content Strategy, ROI Social Measurement

July 6, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

Do you have FOMO? Here’s our weekly recap of the most popular stories about social media and content marketing.


7 Key SEO Activities That Can Now Be Automated

Via Search Engine Land

Columnist Aleyda Solis shares some of her favorite tools for automating various aspects of search engine optimization. She wants to share with you seven such SEO tasks that now can be partially or completely automated with the support of some tools.

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Social Media

Facebook content strategy is a time bomb for inbound marketing

Via Grow

Today I am going to point out a THREAT to inbound marketing to make you think about what we have considered traditional dynamics of inbound marketing in a new way. I am not saying anything is dead. Really.
Let’s take a look at some of the current marketing trends and how they mightmake inbound marketing much more difficult in the future.

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Will Marketers Ever Grasp Social ROI Measurement?

Via eMarketer

Nearly nine in 10 US companies with 100-plus employees will use social media for marketing purposes this year, eMarketer estimates. However, marketers still struggle to measure the value of such efforts, based on a March 2015 study by Simply Measured and TrustRadius.

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Are Hashtags Intellectual Property?


Tweets with hashtags elicit double the engagement of tweets without hashtags, so it is important to incorporate hashtags into your business and marketing strategies. But how do you protect a hashtag? What is the legal mechanism to do so?

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Content Marketing

Friction: The Mobile Conversion Killer [+Free Mobile Landing Page Checklist]

Via unbounce

Mobile landing pages have the unenviable task of conveying enough information to make visitors convert, with much less space to do so than on a desktop. Driving home your message has to be done with fewer elements and fewer words. Every single element on a landing page must avoid friction at all costs.

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