Monday Recap – Google Twitter Partnership, TweetSmarter, Campaigns of the last decade

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Do you have FOMO? Here’s our weekly recap of the most popular stories about social media and content marketing.


The Silent Partnership: What the Google-Twitter Partnership Means for Your Brand

Via SocialMediaToday

Did you know Google and Twitter have entered into a partnership? Why has this partnership developed and what implications does it have for your business?

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Social Media

Twitter Launches #TweetSmarter to Help Advertisers Make Better Ads

Via SocialMediaToday

Twitter has released a new edition of their advertising advice guide #TweetSmarter to help advertisers make the most of their Twitter ads and highlight the potential of Twitter as an advertising medium.

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Campaigns of the Last Decade

Via Hootsuite

We’ve taken five of the best marketing campaigns, and have broken down key elements that contributed to their explosive success. Although some of these marketing campaigns were created by the biggest companies and agencies in the world, they succeeded not because of how much they cost, but because they understood fundamental truths about social media users.

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Content Marketing

7 Blog Content Must-Haves for Optimal Results

Via SocialMediaToday

Let’s get to the point: you have a blog – business or personal – and you want to get the best ROI possible with each and every article you publish. Writing articles takes time and effort, so you don’t want that to be wasted, right? I assure you that your article will provide better value and make your readers stick around longer if you include these 7 elements of blog content

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Why LinkedIn is an Essential Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Via Coppyblogger

Do you think LinkedIn is just a fancy job board? Well, think again!
In this episode of The Missing Link with Sean Jackson, Jason Miller from LinkedIn shares case studies that will completely change your perception of this powerful social media platform.

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