Social Media Engagement: The Source of Your Super Power

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Engagement: votre super pouvoir

You have made heroic efforts to build a significant presence on social media. You’re proud of your following on Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites. At last, you think social media has been conquered and you can now focus on the benefits. Malheur! Despite all your efforts, your fans give you the cold shoulder when it comes to sharing your content. Argh! You realize that was only the starting point and that to conquer social media, you’re still missing something essential: you need to build social media engagement. Rest assured, you’re not alone. According to a recent study from SocialFlow, 99% of posts on social media do not generate engagement. You rack your brain for a moment. How the hell do you create engagement? Patience you must have, my young Padawan. Before anything else, you need to understand the meaning of engagement.

What Is Social Media Engagement and Why Is It Important?

In a recent study cited by HubSpot, 45 surveyed CMOs had a different definition of engagement. Don’t despair; let’s continue on with our quest.

If we look it up in the almighty dictionary, there is no definition of social media engagement. If we look up the word interaction instead, it’s closer:

  • Mutual or reciprocal action or influence.

Voilà! If your organization is only publishing content without much interaction, it becomes a broadcaster. The content might not be relevant enough for the audience and thus, less probable to influence their behaviour. Your content must grab the attention of your audience and start a conversation to engage in two-way communications. That is why engagement is super important. Well, this is probably not a big revelation. With all your brainpower, you probably knew that already.

Put more simply, engagement refers to interactions that your audience has with your content, which includes what people call vanity metrics: likes, comments, shares, retweets, and favourites.

Hey, Wait a Minute! Is Engagement that Important?

Some might say that social media engagement is dead, but have no doubt. Socialbakers is here to tell us that there is a correlation between engagement and site visits.

Engagement: interactions-vs.-visits

Make sure that you do not pursue engagement blindly, warns Mark Schaefer. Otherwise, you might end up with cat memes on your pages. Engagement must be linked to your strategic objectives to create value.

Used the right way, engagement is a superpower that allows you to reach your goals, but creating it remains one of your main challenges.

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