Weekly Recap: Cinematic Pins, Social Media Marketing Plan, 17 Social Media Tools

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Do you have FOMO? Here’s our weekly recap of the most popular stories about social media and content marketing.

Social Media

Cinematic Pins are our newest, most beautiful type of Promoted Pin. Controlled through scrolling, these motion-based Pins are true thumb-stoppers.

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Facebook has announced that video calling on its Messenger app is now available worldwide, with the exception of a few countries where it is working to improve the quality.

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The key to engaging with your audience on a more personal level is to focus on the right customer, at the right time and with the right employees. In this article you’ll find out how to create a social media marketing plan to put customers first and improve engagement.

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Content Marketing

Imagine what you could do with 10 more hours every single month. Not to mention publishing more content to get more engagement and interaction for your hard work!

Tools and Productivity

 Promoting your brand on social media has become an essential step in developing your business. But it’s a challenge to know when to post and finding the time to manage multiple social networks. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable tools to help.

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